Children's Book

Carolyn wrote her first children's picture book — Finding Your Stars!

“At times your stars are shining bright. They feel so strong, and real and right. But then you fall…” 

Finding Your Stars is a beautifully illustrated children's book that encourages children and their adults to find and nurture their strengths and talents, while also accepting their fears and difficult emotions. 

Featuring a complex relationship between a star and a cloud, it reveals a “curious trick” to navigating the emotional ups and downs of life. It also helps deepen family connection.

Finding Your Stars helps spark moments of connection, growth and fun.

The book is written by Carolyn Morris, illustrated by Lena Lee and designed by Raj Grainger.

“This is definitely a great tool for self-regulation, self-compassion and increasing awareness of the emotional parts that each child holds — the clouds and the stars.”

Lisa Azzopardi, registered social worker, psychotherapist at Catalyst Therapy

Finding Your Stars provides kids, parents and caregivers with a helpful tool to reflect on and practice mindfulness, emotional self-regulation and self-compassion — while sparking meaningful conversation and connection.

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